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With our medical simulation virtual reality platform, learners can get the benefits of traditional simulation simply by putting on a headset and entering the virtual hospital where they can see patients and apply their learning to practice, taking the history, examining, investigating, diagnosing and treating just like in real life. they get their personal feedback on how they approach the scenario and details on how they are improving over time and whether they need an extra help.

Our Main Service

Fundamentally, students and healthcare professionals need more chances to develop their confidence and competence so they can do their best work from the minute they enter the clinical setting.

Our Main Service

Medicalverse Provides Nursing And Medical Simulations For Training In Virtual Reality Environment. This Aids Educators In Providing High-Quality, Adaptable Trainings That Enhance Patient Care While Saving

About Us

Medicalverse is a cutting-edge virtual reality platform for medical education and training. Our platform provides healthcare professionals and students with immersive, hands-on learning experiences that simulate real-life medical scenarios. Using artificial intelligence-powered virtual patients, real-time feedback and analytics, and cross-platform compatibility, Medicalverse transforms traditional medical simulation to provide a truly innovative and effective way to learn and practice. With Medicalverse, healthcare professionals can build their confidence and competence, while learners can experience a safe, convenient, and engaging way to develop their skills. Our goal is to improve patient care by revolutionizing the way medical professionals are trained.


Medicalverse aims to provide a cost-effective and convenient solution for medical education and training

Dr. Naser Rashidi

has been working for many years as a physician and manager in medical clinic and pharmacy. He has a Doctor of Medicine degree from a well-known university in Iran. Due to his years of activity in the health field, he is completely familiar with the issues and problems of knowledge gap in this sector and follows the idea of building a VR training app to solve these problems. His personality and background are very suitable for managing a business in this field as CEO and general manager

Features of our VR Simulation Platform

We are an experienced team with a solid background in health care sector and clinic management

AI-Powered Virtual Patients

Artificial intelligence-powered virtual patients – to provide realistic, unpredictable scenarios for learners to practice on.

Collaborative Training

allowing multiple users to participate in the same virtual scenario, simulating teamwork and communication in real-life situations.


enabling use on a variety of devices, including VR headsets, computers, and mobile devices.

medical training with our medical simulation Virtual Reality platform!

Don’t just learn. Master medical skills with VR training.

Real-time Feedback and Wearable Technology

“Our platform combines real-time feedback and wearable tech for a personalized, interactive learning experience. Join us today and enhance your learning journey.”

Who is our platform suitable for?

Our platform is designed to meet the needs of these different customer segments, providing flexible and accessible virtual reality simulations that can be used to supplement traditional education and training methods. Whether they are in a classroom, a hospital, or at home, our customers can use our platform to develop their skills and confidence in a safe and effective way

Medical schools and universities

Our virtual reality platform can be used by medical schools and universities to supplement their traditional lectures and clinical rotations with hands-on experience in a simulated environment.

Hospitals and healthcare institutions

Hospitals and other healthcare institutions can use our platform to provide ongoing training and development for their staff, reducing the risk of medical errors and improving patient care.

Individual healthcare professionals

Medical students, resident physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals can use our platform to enhance their skills and confidence in the clinical setting, regardless of their location or availability of traditional simulation equipment.

“Virtual reality in nursing and medical simulations has become an important tool for improving the hands-on experience of nursing and medical students. With the recent advancements in technology, these simulations can now be made compatible with a variety of devices, including VR headsets, computers, and mobile devices.”​

“Advancements in technology have revolutionized medical education. Nursing and medical simulations in a virtual reality environment are an innovative way of providing hands-on experience to nursing and medical students. With the integration of artificial intelligence-powered virtual patients, nursing and medical simulations have become more realistic, providing learners with unpredictable scenarios to practice on.”​

“In today’s healthcare industry, effective teamwork and communication among healthcare professionals are essential for providing high-quality patient care. Collaborative training has become a crucial aspect of medical education that helps build these skills. In recent years, nursing and medical simulations in virtual reality have emerged as an innovative way to provide collaborative training to healthcare professionals.”​

Unleashing the Power of Learning:
Bringing Together Books and VR to Transform Education

The learning process of medical education has evolved significantly over time. In ancient times, medical knowledge was often passed down through oral traditions and apprenticeships. As education progressed, books and lectures became the primary mode of instruction. Advancements in technology have since revolutionized the way medical training is conducted, and virtual reality devices have become an invaluable tool for learners. These devices allow trainees to practice and sharpen their skills in a safe, controlled environment. Additionally, they provide realistic visual simulations that mimic real-world scenarios, helping to better prepare students for the challenges they may face in the field. The combination of these traditional and modern learning methods has led to a more comprehensive and effective educational process for medical students.

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Are you looking to enhance your nursing or medical training experience? Look further than our advanced virtual reality simulation platform. Our cutting-edge technology allows trainees to immerse themselves in a realistic environment where they can practice their skills without the risks associated with live patients. If you’re curious about what our platform can offer, don’t hesitate to contact us and request a demo. We’d be more than happy to give you a glimpse into the future of medical training and show you how our simulations can benefit you or your institution.

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